#BachataFemmes Somatics

Do you feel numb, disconnected or Powerless? Are you experiencing Anxiety/Panic Attacks or PTSD Symptoms like detachment, mistrust or self-destructiveness? Are you ready to break inter-generational patterns of coping mechanisms? This form of healing movement allows you to immerse yourself in fully body and soul-full expression to attain a sense of internal peace.

This is for you when . . .

You want: 1. To Gain more Confidence 2. To Learn the Art of Expression 3. To empower your Throat Chakra via Movement 4. Tap into full female embodied goddess through sensuality and passion 5. Remove and Heal past Traumas 6. A safe space to have fun and get into Latin groove! Ósea vamos von todo!

Pranayama Breathwork

Ancient breathing techniques that allows the flow of increased life force energy in our bodies. Breathwork is an integral practice for anyone looking to create mental clarity, reduce emotional clutter and optimize human body performance. What we Study: Yogic Breath, Ocean Breath & Breath of Fire.

Why Practice?

If you want to: 1. Decrease stress to enhance cognitive performance and work productivity 2. Improve sleep quality and mindfulness in your day-to-day life 3. Reduce high blood pressure 4. Manage Panic and Anxiety Attacks 5. Regulate abnormal Tachycardiac heart rhythms.

Yoga for Invisible Illness

One of the biggest struggles and pain points is lack of mobility and to see our body regress instead of progress. In this program we learn yoga movement that is geared specifically for Dystonia, Tachycardia, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Sciatica, Vehicle back-spine accidents and we do so in a safe trauma-informed container and allow you to gain back control over your body and life.

Ready to be Pain-Less!

Affirm shifting narratives from I cannot to I CAN! We are no way licensed health practitioners, but we do offer alternative methods that have worked for us from spinal injuries like Kyphosis Scoliosis, Disc Degeneration, Leg Paralysis, Heart problems and so much more. What we strive for is providing Hope-full alternatives for a Pain-Less Life.

Ancient Yogic Massage

This Yogic massage is a trauma-centred approach that infuses reiki and healing of the chakra points by being intuitively guided to the areas of your body that need focus and cleansing. We release via the meridian points of the body and Arabic sacred chants are recited via an Affirmation-System of ancient wisdom and practices.

Time is Luxury

It is not something you can take back. But it is something that we can offer. Healing cannot be rushed, but it is something that we specialize in & curate since generations ago and attuning to our gifts from a childhood journey. The alchemy of pain means cleansing your body from blockages that can cause bloating, indigestion, insomnia, migraines and joint / muscle pain.

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