Claiming Financial Sovereignty & Liberation

A 12-week deep dive program curated for the highly committed achiever who is ready to plant their mark in the world. This is for you if you’re looking to understand and unlock your Ikigai, claim your ancient womb powers and utilize it to manifest abundance and build the business brand you’ve always been dreaming of. Your Power is in Who You Are!

The Sacred Womb-Power Program

Learn to: 1) Garner Clarity around your Gift and Purpose in the World 2) Biohack your life to function at your Optimal Potential & Contribute to The Collective Human Experience 3) Package and markeet yourself as a brand to create a Profit-Powered System in your day-to-day life.

Inner Peace Mind-Shift

A 7-week explorative program fit for the nomad traveler & wanna-be wanderlust looking for their place in the world. 

If you’ve ever felt that you did not belong growing up, then you are in the RIGHT SPACE! Because you are either called to create your own tribe or find and attract your light-members who are also looking for you!

The Goddess Alignment Program

This program is about sitting with yourself and the thoughts that weigh you down and give you the sluggish lethargic blues. Learn to: 1) Self-Regulate your Nervous System 2) Cultivate a Self-Care System and 3) Implement learnt Healing Tools and Resources for your Mental, Spiritual & Physiological Health.

Sacred Femininity & Masculinity Activation

A high-impact 4-week course for both the busy Wolf-of-Wall Street Hustlers and the Newcomers to Spirituality looking for a safe space to unlock and heal their traumas (sexual, war child, relationship, etc) and wounds that have shielded them from either their Divine Feminine or Masculine Expression and Optimal Work-Life Balance & Performance.

The Warrior & Healer Program

Learn to 1) Garner the Tools necessary for a Higher and more Balanced Masculine and Feminine Flow 2) Learn How to Become a Magnet for Healthier Business Relationships, Intimate Connections and Build Communities 3) Release Stored-Trauma and Confidently Express yourself in the World thru Somatic Movement

Heal Pray Love: The Collective

If you’re looking for more of a support system with a safe container & empowered pillars to get messy and also show-up for yourself, then this Heal Pray Love Support Circle is for you! You do not have to be alone in this; in-fact we aren’t born to do life alone, we are BEings here to be. So come join us and Simply Be: Be Messy, Be Creative, Be You!

The Human Experience

Here we come together to: 1) Ground & Reflect thru Creative Journaling 2) Flow, Surrender and Receive + Interpret divine messages 3) Create Strong Boundaries in Personal - Work Life Balance 4) Share your Business Ideas and Receive Open, Authentic and Constructive Feedback 5) Become a Vessel for Open, Present, Trustworthy and Accountable Communication

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