Why Invest in Yourself ?

Step 1: You Always Have Choice
This is your journey and this life a gift given to you to create and lead with your ‘Don’ Spanish for gifts. In this space, know that you ALWAYS have a choice. You can choose what kind of life you want to live, what kinds of experiences you want to have and what paths your spirit wants you to take. If you’ve come this far, know that it’s for a reason. Nothing is a coincidence in life; Everything is Perfectly Aligned. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost was a poem given to me by my grade 10 teacher History Mrs. Jennifer Peppler, and until this very day it’s been my bible in guidance. 

I invite you to read it, and choose the future you’ve always wanted to have and create for yourself!
Step 2: Learn to Trust & Let Go
This is most difficult step, as it asks you to listen to your third brain, known as your ‘Inner Compass.’ In this space you are battling between what you “should do” vs “want to.” Think of the society and environment you’re in, the family, friends and partner you have and ask yourself this “am I being held back or supported in the pursuit of my happiness?” The voice that yearns for your attention to guide you on the path you’re supposed to be on. It’s an extension of you - the naked truth! Your decisions shouldn’t make sense to others, if you hear statements that you’d be crazy for taking that decision, then DO IT ANYWAY!  Marconi’s friends had him held in a psychopathic hospital for dreaming big - today we attribute the gift of TV and radio to him.

Ready to take that Leap of Faith goddess?!
Step 3: Divine Support
Do you feel Exhausted, Lost or Alone? Do you feel that people don’t get you? Perhaps you feel ‘crazy’ for experiencing and seeing things others don’t? Or have experienced the horros of doctors who never believed you or those closes to you who don’t believe ‘you/your story.’

How many times have you felt this statement, “I don’t feel like I belong?” It’s something I’ve said over and over to myself growing up, despite all the smiles and giggles I had on my face, when I placed my head on my pillow to sleep, I felt so alone, like I didn’t belong here. And what’s “here” anyways? Eventually, I couldn’t keep up with the masks I had on, I grew tired, the nights became longer, until I could no longer sleep.

From years of personal grief, pain and medical frustration, I’ve committed to create a support system for others that is divinely upheld. This is my “Ikigai,” and why I am here. I am here to serve, support and guide.

You are Not Alone!
You Matter! 
Step 4: Take Intentional Action
My commitment to you is 100% yours and an extra 10% mine. You see, this is not my journey, it is 100% yours and I am here to guide you as I’ve guided myself out of 16 years of pain, 8 death scares, cancer, a near hysterectomy and so much more. 

I am here to be your mirror and shed light on areas that are dormant. I will ask the questions and probe, I create the space and hold it, I am here to walk by you, not behind you or ahead of you. 

I’m here for you, because I wanted someone to be there for me when I thought my life was over and hopeless; when the world thought I was crazy and unreliable -doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, employers and the list goes on. In the metaphysical world, I experienced what no child should have, seen what others couldn’t and felt what others didn’t. My ancestral gift is the ability to see the shadows that lurk in the corners of others and guide them into light, believing and miraculous healing .

The longest road we ever take in life, is the one we take inwards. When will you begin yours?