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How battling death 8x led me onto the path of my Ikigai

Who is The Goddess of Light ?

Ambassador of Life & Miracles

Isabella Kanso is a resilient Lebanese-Canadian Muslim who has embodied the journey of a war child, refugee, immigrant, and global citizen. As a fighter and light warrior, she has triumphed over numerous adversities, including early stages of cancer, near-arm amputation, and a close hysterectomy. Her resilience extends to battling mental health issues and overcoming attempted suicide three times. Isabella’s story is one of breathtaking survival and radiant transformation. Having transcended the brink of death over a handful of times, she now shares her journey to inspire others on their path to healing. Immerse yourself in her experiences and uncover the keys to living a life imbued with miracles and hope.

Mental Health Educator & NLP Coach

Isabella is an accomplished author, podcaster and has been featured in four magazines. She was also recognized as one of the Top 50 in 50 Success Stories at the first college in Ontario. With her background as an independent educator for an UNICEF & Prix Jeunesse co-venture program and TEDx resilience organizer, she has worked with children, women and communities globally. Isabella specializes in Mental Health and resilience advocacy and teaches how to transition from a shamed victim mindset to an empowered warrior mindset. By alchemizing pain to unlock Ikigai (known as Life Purpose), she helps others experience breakthroughs and "Aha" moments. Isabella also helps people reclaim sacred ancestral power through holistic empowerment tools and roots-based healing.

Alchemist & Shaman Healer

Having lived among the indigenous tribes of Colombia, specifically the "Kogi tribe," Isabella made it her life's mission to reconnect her family lineage and healer roots traced back to her maternal great-grandmother of 'Mirza / Syed' healer heritage and her paternal Ottoman Empire 'Agha' royal exporer ancestry. In Colombia, she was named 'Profeta de Luz,' Spanish for Prophet of Light. Later, she was identified by an Indigenous Shaman from the U'wa & Arhuacu tribes as the last lost child among eight that the Shaman had been searching for to honor her karmic cycle. Descendant of an Indigenous Shaman and serving as a Pain Energy Alchemist, Isabella continues her long journey of spirit traveling. Today, she travels from one country to another, mirroring the explorative spirit of her Bāhithoün (explorer) ancestors. Across continents, she imparts the sacred wisdom gained during her 16 years of ailment, weaving magic into the lives of clients worldwide through meticulously crafted customizable programs.

Humanitarian Activist in 35+ Countries

Isabella has received three presidential awards from the first college in Ontario, a letter of recognition from Premier Justin Trudeau, and is a published children’s book author. She has been featured in five magazines and books as an aficionado and activist and has received numerous international and local awards for her work as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, documentary filmmaker, and organizer of a 15,000 volunteer-run greening sustainability event in nine countries and 15 cities. Currently, Isabella devotes her time to fundraising, building schools, organizing food drives, supporting small business entrepreneurs, and continuing her philanthropy work by expanding her 99 Country Women’s Empowerment Impact to date.